Summer Sewer Discount - City of Woodburn

Summer Sewer Discount

Currently the City of Woodburn will offer a summer sewer discount to all utility customers that use both water and sewer during the summer months. While this is available to many, it will only be applied to any account in which it is requested in writing. This credit is to offset any additional water consumption such as from yard watering and any other seasonal activities in which the used water does not go down the drain. Your sewer portion of your utility bill is based on your average consumption outside of these times and while your water will be charged as actual, the sewer portion of the bill will be modified based on this value. Feel free to print off a copy of this form and return to City Hall. Note: Your account will need to be current in order to receive this credit. Any questions? Contact City Hall at 260-632-5318 during business hours (7am-11am and 1pm-4pm, M-F).

The 2021 Summer Sewer Discount Request Form is not available at this time.