Woodburn Police - City of Woodburn

Woodburn Police

For any police or fire emergency, call 911.

Woodburn Indiana Police Department

4417 Bull Rapids Rd.

Woodburn, IN 46797

To make a police report for non-emergency situations please call:


The closest Woodburn or Allen County Police Officer will be dispatched.

Calvin Yates

Full Time Police Officer

Woodburn, IN 46797

Dispatch: (260) 449-3000

Brad Parker

Deputy Police Officer

Woodburn IN, 46797

Dispatch: (260) 449-3000

For routine matters such as handgun licenses, vehicle inspections, background checks or “copies” of police reports please call:

(260)632-9200 To leave a message for the next officer on duty.

The Woodburn Police Department thanks you for the opportunity to serve you!