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Trash & Recycling

The City of Woodburn would ask that you respect your community by containing loose garbage in bags within your storage bins. Loose garbage can end up blowing around into your neighbor’s yards. Advanced Disposal has also requested that residents do not tie any containers shut and that totes are facing the street with a spacing of two feet between them. If you have specific questions regarding your trash pickup, please feel free to contact Advanced Disposal directly at 260-436-8700 or City Hall at 260-632-5318.

You can also visit their website at:  Advanced Disposal | Trash Disposal, Collection & Recycling

Have any mattresses that need relocated? Try this link below for helpful hints on what you can do with your old mattress:


The City is no longer offering recycling dumpsters under the water tower due to continued misuse. Please refer to the County’s resources to dispose of your recyclables: