City Hall Open to Public 4/5/21 - City of Woodburn


City Hall Open to Public 4/5/21

To Woodburn Residents:

The Woodburn City Hall will open to the public beginning April 5th, 2021. Any Common Council or Board of Works and Public Safety meetings will take place in person at City Hall going forward from this date. Please use your best judgement in entering City Hall regarding both your health and the health of others.

Due to the current condition of the property which has recently been purchased by the City, the City asks that residents no longer consider the old American Legion Property, located at 22115 Main Street, to be used for purposes of a storm shelter during inclement weather. Consider using the Christ Lutheran Church, located at 4412 Park Street, until directed to the contrary.

Feel free to call City Hall with questions at 260-632-5318.

Timothy Cummins

Clerk-Treasurer for the City of Woodburn