2018 Woodburn Road Improvement Projects To Start - City of Woodburn


2018 Woodburn Road Improvement Projects To Start


Beginning at the end of March, we will kick off the 2018 Woodburn Street and Road improvement projects.  During the next few weeks, you will begin to see road crews out and about performing crack filling, joint repairs and patching on the following streets:

Maple Lane & Maple Court; Woodburn Rd.(both sections); Clovedale; Elm; Park Lane; and Partridge Run

More major projects to include re-surfacing, the replacement of curbs, and new sidewalks will follow later in the Spring and Summer.  We have a listing of all road projects being performed this year available at City Hall and online as well.

Thank You

Mayor Kelsey

Click below for a listing in PDF format:

2018 Woodburn Road Maintenance Projects